developed from a need to expedite the frustrating and painstaking process of ordering, proofing, printing and the delivery of business cards. is an innovative and groundbreaking system that enables end users to call up the relevant template complete with all the approved corporate branding and modify their appropriate details. The frustration of multiple proofs, time delays and all round general annoyance has been eliminated by which now enables marketing departments to react swiftly and sales people to order short runs with special promotional messages on their cards. automates the entire process securely on our servers, right up to the printer. has grown and now also caters for brochures, leaflets, newsletters, pricelists and other stationary.

Features of
  • Marketing
    • Preserve Corporate Identity and brand standards
    • Possible marketing message on reverse side
    • Print on demand
    • Automated ordering and production process
    • 48 hour turnaround time
  • IT
    • Web based
    • Intranet enabled
    • Easy access desktop icon
    • Order records kept updated
    • Secure
    • Approval notification
  • Procurement
    • Control orders and abuse thereof
    • Cost effective
    • Time saving automated ordering and production process
    • Simple editing and proofing (print ready file)
    • 48 hour turn around time
    • Single order
    • Low quantities
  • End User
    • Easy to use
    • 48 hour turnaround time
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