CP³, Candor’s hosted Print and Publishing Platform, gives our customers full control over the preparation, proofing and printing of their company-branded materials.

Combining powerful Digital Asset Management, Content on Demand, E-Forms, Document Management and Content Management functionality, CP³ originated from Candor’s first application, Bizcardprint.com. It offers cost-effective Web-based automation of company collateral creation and print ordering – when where and in whatever quantity you want. It also gives you:

Content control
  • Complete centralised control over customisation, while allowing distributed rights-based access to branded documentation
  • Document merging – create a unique document for any application or user
  • Print and non-print dissemination in formats ranging from CDs, Web and fax to email
Process control
  • Generate print- and publish-ready materials in hardware-agnostic .pdf format – just load and print or disseminate!
  • Integration into financial and procurement systems for expense tracking
  • Workflow approval for automatic print order generation
CP³’s automation of ordering and production processes, combined with next-day delivery at a fraction of the usual cost provide an unassailable advantage over traditional printing methods, as well as niche print and publishing management solutions. CP³ comes as a standalone solution slotting into customer intranets, or integrated into procurement systems or contact databases, with powerful enterprise CRM and document management uses. It is offered as a cost-effective ASP (application service provider) solution.
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