Many customer relationship management strategies and deployments fail because offthe- shelf applications require extensive customisation, are hard to use and offer complex functionality far beyond user requirements. In addition, CRM initiatives often lack alignment with a customer-centric strategy.

Candor’s CRM solution turns traditional CRM approaches on their head, having been designed – and remaining under constant revision – to be highly user-friendly, customer-purposed and relevant. This allows users to cut through complexity and avoid paying for over-engineering of an application that can fall into disuse.

Starting life as a sales-support environment, Candor CRM initially offered customer database and contact management functionality. Its current functionalities offer a hybrid of calendaring, personal and product data, as well as other modules encountered in an organisation’s everyday customer-facing life.

Built on the cost-effective application service provider model (business process outsourcing, hosting and management), Candor CRM is an online CRM solution built with real-world customer-centric environments in mind.
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