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  Please help yourself to some of our low-bandwidth images, lines, bullets, buttons and backgrounds.
They are for free and exclusive to!
  Our image files are bandwidth-engineered to be on average 2,5x smaller.

Build your homepage with that "professional" look!'s pages have become renowned for their high quality, low-bandwidth, images which facilitate quick downloading visuals on the World Wide Web. On average our full colour images require only 85 bytes/cm2 whereas others average 210 bytes/cm2.

Now you are invited to grab low-bandwidth images from our continuously updated collection on this site. Please note that although you may grab these images and use them on the Internet, copyright remains with

To download images, place your cursor on the selected image and click with your right mouse button (Netscape and Explorer), save the free image to your directory and place it onto your page.

To download free background images, as above, but add it in HTML, eg:
. . . </head>
<body background="honey.jpg">

If you use any of these free images, be so kind and (optionally) add an unobtrusive text link to (or view the document source and cut and paste the following):
Some graphics complimentary from Candor .com

If you send us your URL, we will add it to our list.

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Grab-a-GIF is Web Clip Art's
Feature Site from
30 October to 7 November 1998

Topher's Castle - Aloha Award
We received the Aloha Award
From Topher's Castle in Honolulu, Hawaii!

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