Free Wallpaper from Grab-a-GIF

Wallpaper is the background image used by your Windows system. It is extremely easy to install if your browser is Netscape 3.0 (or higher) or MS Explorer (2.0 or higher):

1. Click on one of the Wallpapers available below. Once the image is on your screen (these vary from 11kb to 25kb), click with your right mouse button.

2. A dialogue box appears, select and click on "set as wallpaper"

3. Windows automatically sets the image as your wallpaper which can be viewed once you're back to your Windows screen.

We are continuously adding new images, so make sure that you bookmark this page and check back, or make use of the update service at the bottom!

Although you are free to use these images for non-commercial use, all images are proprietory to Candor Webtech who remains the holder of copyright.

Wallpaper available:

Now you can have wallpaper tailor-made!

Update service:

If you would like to be notified by our designer when any new images have been added, please e-mail him at

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