Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a group of information retrieval/systems interfacing technologies allowing user interaction with computer systems using a standard telephone, either through a touch tone keypad or voice interaction.

It holds exciting promise for businesses of all kinds, as it offers an easy, low-cost means of increasing consumers’ choices of channels through which to access their service providers. To companies it presents new ways of reducing the cost of doing business, and of generating new revenue streams, enhancing efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction. IVR further trounces warm-body communications in that it gives a wide choice of integrated channels through which to respond to customer queries.

IVR systems simply pull data from any database, using application logic to present the required information on demand. This group of technologies has massive potential reaching far beyond call centre applications.

Candor’s IVR applications include:
  • Directory enquiries – IVR interactivity allows low-cost automated directories, enabling new business channels or entrants, and increasing voice companies’ revenues.
  • Portfolio enquiries – property managers save on repetitive tasks and gain another marketing channel.
  • Training – sales reps who frequently leave the office receive bit-sized ‘tinned training tips’ via mandatory daily dial-ins.
At Candor we have developed highly customisable IVR systems with an open interface design. We offer solutions on the back of a cost-effective ASP (application service provider) model, giving businesses the power of multi-channel reach with the price tag of a small system.
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